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The band was formed by Gordon in 2002 with Stephen our drummer and a variety of different line-ups to start with and performed mainly as String Quartet, Jazz and Ceilidh bands with a few covers all under the name "North East Soiree" which is still the trading name of all the groups. It's the same team of players that make up North East Soiree, Ceilidh Knights and Knight Muse. So the difference between the groups is really just branding and the most appropriate name is used in promoting individual events other than weddings.
Phil joined the band in 2004 and became our lead singer and guitarist and this became our regular covers band with Gordon on bass and Steve on drums.
Mark joined initially as a deputy player for the occasional jazz gig in 2005 but then quickly became our regular jazz sax player.
Amanda joined the party band on Sax at the start of 2008 and plays along with Mark in the Jazz swing band. Amanda also plays Bass in the Ceilidh Band and has many years experience as DJ, although Gordon currently is our regular DJ.
Toni joined the band towards the end of 2008 and this completely changed how the band operated (very much for the better) and it meant we had both male and female lead singers and they both sing backing vocals for each other depending on what the song is.
Bob joined as our swing singer in 2009 however if Bob's not available we have also worked with Tony Maxwell, Paul Skerritt and other local Jazz singers.
Jeremy started playing with us in 2014 and has now come on board as our regular Jazz piano player for Trios and Swing band events. Jeremy and Mark play together in the Jazz Clubs throughout the North East region and are very well known and respected players in Jazz circles.

















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If you require any further information please contact gordon on the Contact Us box below or telephone 07768 323 832 or 01388 327 202.




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